WEHO For the People


West Hollywood has been a world leader in retail, entertainment and innovation, and has been renowned for its leadership in allowing people the opportunity to exercise their freedoms – sexual orientation, political, religious and more.
Unfortunately, in recent years, the West Hollywood City Council has taken an aggressive approach to policymaking, blatantly curtailing or removing the sacred freedoms and protections that residents and job creators have long enjoyed in the City. Instead, the Council is threatening the very safety and livelihood of the people of our community.
The City has been hijacked and influenced by special interest groups without any regard for the impact on WeHo residents. Our City leaders have forgotten who they represent. The policies advanced by the City Council are totally ignoring the struggling working families, children, small and ethnic businesses, seniors and others and instead catering to the interests that will benefit only the elite few.
L.A. sending more cops to Hollywood while WeHo cuts back on sheriff’s deputies

West Hollywood residents and businesses are NOT SAFE

City policies are threatening WeHo’s PUBLIC Safety
The Council’s decision to defund local sheriffs by two deputies has led to a 137% increase in crime
Residents and small businesses don’t feel safe – they are increasingly facing retail theft, personal violent attacks etc.

City policies are threatening WeHo’s ECONOMIC Safety

The City Council has created policies that are making us less competitive, especially to surrounding cities, and more difficult for residents to own a small business in the City.

They passed highest minimum wage for hotel workers in the nation

The Council passed an indoor smokinng ban while awarding forty cannabis licenses
Less than 6% of those who live in West Hollywood work in West Hollywood.
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Because We ❤ Our City

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  • N. Harper and Sweetzer Aves. Neighborhood Watch
  • Norma Triangle
  • Ogden/Orange Owls
  • WeHo Tri-West
  • WeHo Plummer Park
  • WEHO East
  • West Hollywood West Residents Association
  • West Hollywood North Neighborhood Association
  • West Hollywood Heights Neighborhood Association
The absolute ignorance and arrogance of WeHo City leaders has united residents and small and ethnic business leaders and the community together more than ever before – calling for change to get WeHo back on track. West Hollywood City Council is moving in the wrong direction, and residents and small businesses here deserve better – and deserve to be heard and represented.

To that end, the WeHo Chamber of Commerce has launched the “WeHo for the People” campaign to raise awareness among voters about the need for change – change to the aggressive, anti-community policies that are devastating to West Hollywood, and change to the very complexion of our City Council and leaders who continually ignore and fail our citizens. “WeHo for the People” is comprised of West Hollywood citizens, small business owners and friends concerned about the wrong direction our local leaders have taken our City-and the need to take our City back!

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We call upon all WeHo residents, small business owners, and concerned voters to join us in this effort to tell our leaders they need to do all they can to protect the freedoms and restore the vitality, safety and strength and promise that had put WeHo on the map as a leader.